Starting from scratch 6 years ago, a young team of developers realized the needs for print control software and the market gap for such a product. Now their creation provides reliable services and easier life for hundreds of companies all over the world.

Alagus Software Co. is a print software developer enterprise. We now have more than 300 corporate clients presenting our products in all continents. Our main product Alagus Print Admin has gone through four major releases over the years. It was the first product developed by the company back in 2003.

At the middle 2008 it became obvious for us that the global finance crisis will not go around Alagus Software Co. Nevertheless we kept the business as a going concern as it is still at the moment. Sales continued even with negative trend.

At the early 2009 the members of Alagus Software Company decided to open negotiations for selling the full rights of possesion, changing, selling and redistrubuting the sogtware products of the company. At the moment we are in the middle of such talks with a medium size software developer company based in India. Still nothing was decided for sure.

Alagus Software Co is open to receive new proposals concerning the sale offer.