Alagus Software is providing complex and custom software solutions in the field of printers and printing. Alagus Software implement the following products:

Alagus Print Admin

   Alagus Print Admin is a software system for managing the entire print process in your organization. It offers you many solutions in one product: Audit the customer’s print activities and devices; Limiting the printing by setting print quota; Full management of the printers and print documents; Track, control and observation of the events in the print process; Statistics and reports on the actual print activity.

Alagus Print Port Manager

   Alagus Print Port Manager is an interface for managing Alagus Virtual Printers. Alagus Virtual Printer is actually a printer to which several modules are integrated namely: Alagus Print Secure, Alagus Print Backup and Recovery and Alagus Print Route. These modules allow you to redirect the documents that you print to another printer, duplicate them and redirect to two or more printers, save the print documents to a file, send them to a different application, filter the documents by a keyword, etc.

Alagus Printer Installer

   Alagus Printer Installer is a free tool for remote installing/uninstalling network printers. Runs in Microsoft Widows Networks. The program is determined to help the system administrators. The Alagus Printer Installer s main function is to make the process of installing and uninstalling the printers in your LAN easier. Alagus Printer Installer remove the need of writing scripts in the console and all that is left is several clicks with the mouse.