Alagus Print Secure

   Alagus Print Secure is a module, part of Alagus Virtual Printer that allows it to filter by  keywords all documents that are sent to the printer. The module is usable for preventing printing of confidential information or documents containing non-ordinary information.
The module works with all known print spool (.spl) file formats (PostScript, PCL, EMF, TEXT). However, the success of the filtering is ensured only if the keyword is in Plain Text.
   Alagus Print Secure cannot scan the text from the printed documen that is converted in curves or images. The presence of a keyword in a document is verified in Unicode, ANSI and ASCII text formats. Support for standard Latin alphabet, numbers and symbols are currently included.
   Alagus Print Secure provides options for Action and Notification in case some of the keywords are found in a document sent to the printer. The Actions that could be executed are: Print, Pause, Delete and Save in a folder. The Notifications are two types: Send pop-up message to the user who prints and Send pop-up message to a selected computer.
   Additional option allows you to choose which part of the document to be scanned: Document Title, Document Body or Both.

Alagus Print Secure Module

   Alagus Print Secure uses Alagus Print Port, which is additional Print Port Monitor for Windows Print Spooler Service. It does not require starting any additional application or system service.

Note: Alagus Print Secure is plug-in for Alagus Print Port Manager. They can only be used along with Alagus Print Port Manager installed.