Alagus Print Route

   Alagus Print Route is a module,  part of Alagus Virtual Printer, used to route the document flow to one or more printers. Two possible working states are provided: Print Pooling (Load balancing) and Multiply.
   Print Pooling – This option redirects the documents to the less busy printer in the network at the moment. The criterion for this is the count of documents waiting to be printed in the printers queue. This system adds ease and efficiency to your printing, with no need for fancy installations, speedy o2 broadband or other internet add-ons. All you need are printers and our program to facilitate all your printing work. Alagus Print Route can work and distribute between printers on different print servers, which makes it better than the standard Windows Print Pooling.
   Multiply – This option allows you to send the document for printing to all printers described in Alagus Print Route section.
   The only condition for this is all the printers to have even or identical print drivers. Otherwise an incompatibility in the spool files would appear which may lead to impossibility to print.
   The option Show only printer with identical printer drivers is advisable to be switched on. Thus only printers with identical print drivers will be available to use. Hence the probability for making a mistake is decreased.

Alagus Print Route Module 

   Alagus Print Route uses Alagus Print Port, which is additional Print Port Monitor for Windows Print Spooler Service. It does not require starting any additional application or system service.

Note: Alagus Print Route is plug-in for Alagus Print Port Manager. They can only be used along with Alagus Print Port Manager installed.