Alagus Software Company provides complex and custom software solutions in the field of printers and printing. The products of Alagus Software Company implement the following services:
   Print Audit – Audit of the customer’s printing and print devices 

   Print Quota – Limiting the printing by setting print quota for user and a group of users. 

   Printer & Printing Management – Full management of the printers and print documents 

   Print Monitoring – Track, control and observation of the events connected with the printing process 

   Printing Analysis – Statistics and reports for the actual print activity of the users and printers

   Print Security – Protection against printing confidential information

   Printing – Backup and Recovery – Full backup and restoring of all printed documents

   Print Routing – Redirecting and multiplying the print documents to different destinations

   Printer Installation – Distant and remote installing of printers and printer connections

   Troubleshooting printing problems – Preventing possible problems with the printing process and solving current problems